Technicians for Arabia is an easy-to-use online program for people in the Middle East seeking a new and exciting career as a service technician. And, if you complete the 18 courses in 3 months or less, it’s completely free. Technicians for Arabia is sponsored by Caterpillar, the global leader in construction and mining equipment, and local Caterpillar dealers, the experts in heavy equipment sales and service. In just 2 months you can achieve Foundational Certification and begin an exciting journey toward a possible career as a well-paid and highly valued service technician in the automotive, trucking or heavy equipment industry.

Is This Program Right For You?

Are You Curious?

If you have no previous education or knowledge in this field but are curious to know if it’s right for you, this is a great way to find out.

Are You a Vocational Student?

If you are a technician in vocational school pursuing a technical diploma this is a great way to add to your resume and expand your knowledge.

Are You an Existing Technician?

If you’re an existing technician interested in getting a basic certification to improve employability, this may be the perfect solution.


By completing these courses you’ll learn the basics of electricity, hydraulics, drivetrains and much more. To see what a course looks like, click here!

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The curriculum consists of 18 courses: four Introductory courses, ten Level 1 courses and four Level 2 courses. You’ll find the courses interesting and compelling with lots of interactivity and animation. To see the curriculum, click here!

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The program consists of approximately 18 hours of curriculum. And, as we said, if you complete the program within 3 months it’s completely free. Upon successful completion, you will be able to print out a certificate of completion. This will acknowledge you as Foundational Level 1 and Level 2 certified. You can use it in the market place to improve your chances of landing a technician’s job in the auto industry, the trucking industry or the heavy equipment field. And you can use it to help gain entry into a leading vocational school. [Note: this program is an introduction to the knowledge required to become a fully trained technician. Your education should be complemented by skills that can be acquired by joining an apprenticeship or hands-on program, or enrolling in a vocational school]

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